Annual Report 2007

“ The Good shepherd lays down His life for his sheep”.
Micro Credit Activities Of SHGs
In the year 2006-07, totaling 608 Groups were formed. Altogether Till March’07 the IVDPrendered services to 5165 Groups spread over in krishnagiri and Dhrmapuri Districts. The Micro-credit details of this fiscal year 2006-07 are given below;
Micro Credit Details Of Year – 2006-07
Sl.No Micro credit activities 2006-07 Cumulative as on31.03.2007
1 No.of Groups formed 608 5165
2 Total No.of members 10918 97653
3 Total savings 21.72 Crores 79.43 Crores
4 Sangha loan 101.37 Crores 362.55 Crores
5 Bank Loan 100.83 Crores 311.58 Crores
6 IVDP loan 4.34 Crores 22.05 Crores
From the above table we understand that there are 5,165 SHGs out of them 608 SHGs were formed during 2006-2007. This members have saved Rs.21.72 crores and a total of Rs.101.37 crores availed as Sangha loan to fulfill their family needs. IVDP too also extended Rs. 4.34 crores as loan for various purposes.
It is credit to have credit
Credit details 2006-2007
To promote the life standard of rural women, Rs.206.54 Crores was given to members as a loan made available from Sangha, Banks and IVDP. The details are as follows:
Sl.No Loan Details Rupees in Crores
1 Sangha Revolved 101.37 Crores
2 IVDP Amount revolved 4.34 Crores
3 SHG Direct Loan Linkage 100.83 Crores
  TOTAL 206.54 Crores
Savings And Credit Till March 2007 (Consolidated Report)
It is quite amazing to note that so far i.e from the last one and half of decade Rs. 696.78 Crores has been granted to members as loans
Sl.No Loan Details Rupees in Crores
1 SHG Bank Loan Rs. 311.58 Crores
2 Sangha Loan Revolved Rs. 362.55 Crores
3 IVDP Revolved Amount Rs. 22.05 Crores
  TOTAL Rs. 696.18 Crores
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