Annual Report 2008

Annual Report Year 2007-08
“I can do everything through Him, who gives me strength”
Empowerment of women Through micro credit activities
Every year considerable number of SHGs come under the umbrella of IVDP, which shows how far they have reposed faith on IVDP. Because of their trust, the members life style have changed, self esteem improved, children’s education level gone up, savings increased, micro activities pursued, asset created, dividend shared, and so on. In the year 2007-08, 1050 SHGs were formed. Altogether Till March’08 the IVDP extended its services to 5989 Groups spread over in Krishnagiri and Dhrmapuri and Vellore Districts.
The Micro-credit details of this fiscal year 2007-08 are given below.
Sl.No Micro credit activities 2007-08 Cumulative as on31.03.2008
1 No.of Groups formed 1050 SHGs 5989 SHGs
2 Total No.of members 14641 members 112294 members
3 Total savings Rs.25.2 crores Rs.105.62 crores
  Credit Details
In crores In crores
4 Sangha loan Rs.123 crores Rs.486 crores
5 Bank Loan(SHG Direct inkage + Bulk lending) Rs.132 crores Rs.443.13 crores
6 IVDP loan Rs.2.8 crores Rs.25 crores
Breakup credit details
Keeping in mind of the total well being of the SHG members, loans were given in the form of sangha loan, Bank Loan and IVDP loan. In 2007-08 258 Crores loan was made available to them from Sangha, Banks and IVDP. The details are as follows
Credit activities:Marching towards 1000 crores Since from the launching of SHG activities ( 1989) to till now, the IVDP has helped above 1 lakh SHG members to avail Rs.954 crores from different sources to fulfill their family needs.
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