Annual Report 2009

It is a pleasure for me to pen all the activities carried. Out in 2008 -09, In which multifaceted activities were systematically carried out to sustain smiles in the faces of the IVDP SHG members.
Alleviating poverty through Micro-credit activities
Due to the sheer size of the population living in poverty, India is strategically significant in the global efforts to alleviate and to achieve the millennium Development Goal of halving the world’s poverty by 2015. Hence we the IVDP have mooted self Help Groups as a strategy to alleviate the poverty. Further to enhance women’s access to credit for consumption and production, various loans are made available to the women. Out of this,the status of women increased and started earning for their livelihood.
In the year 2008-09, 968 SHGs were formed. Altogether Till March’09 the IVDP extended its services to 6669 Groups spread over in Krishnagiri and Dhrmapuri and Vellore Districts.
The Micro-credit details of this fiscal year 2008-09 are given below:
Sl.No Micro credit activities 2008-09 Cumulative as on31.03.2009
No.of Groups formed
968 SHGs 6669 SHGs
2 Total No.of members 16,500 members 1,15,000 members
3 Total savings
Rs.27.4 crores

Rs.134 crores
  Credit Details In crores In crores
4 Sangha loan Rs.148 crores Rs.634.5 crores
5 Bank Loan(SHG Direct inkage + Bulk lending) Rs.136 crores Rs.584.5 crores
6 IVDP loan Rs.6 crores
Rs.31 crores
  Total Rs.290 crores Rs.1250 crores
Breakup of credit details
Since women comprise the majority of the population below the poverty line and are very often in situations of extreme poverty, given the harsh realities of intra-household and social discrimination. Macro economic policies and poverty eradication programs will specifically address the needs and problems of such women. Keeping in mind of the total well being of the SHG members, loans were given in the form of sangha loan, Bank Loan and IVDP loan. In 2008-09 290 Crores loan was made available to them from Sangha, Banks and IVDP.
The details are as follows
Credit activities:Since from the launching( 1989) of SHG activities to till now, the IVDP has helped above 1 lakh SHG members to avail Rs.1250 crores from different sources to fulfill their family needs.


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