Annual Report 2010

IVDP- ANNUAL REPORT -  2009 - 2010
Generally, poor families, be it in rural, urban or semi urban areas, need credit, that is timely to meet their consumption as well as production or any other emergency needs. Such credit is made available and accessible to members easily by IVDP. In such a situation savings and credit groups provide alternative sources of credit for the poor through common pool of their own savings. It also provides its member with access to loans from Banks and IVDP
In 2009/2010, as many as 681 SHGs were formed and as a cumulative, till Mar’2010, the IVDP had 6805 SHGs under its aegis.
The Micro-credit details of this fiscal year 2009-10 are given below:
Sl.No Micro credit activities 2009-10 Cumulative as on31.03.2010
1 No.of Groups formed 681 SHGs 6805 SHGs
2 Total No.of members 11,577members 12,5000 members
3 Total savings
Rs.25 crores

Rs.150 crores
  Credit Details In crores In crores
4 Sangha loan Rs.171 crores Rs.806 crores
5 Bank Loan(SHG Direct inkage + Bulk lending) Rs.176 crores Rs.760 crores
6 IVDP loan Rs.3.5crores
Rs.35 crores
  Total Rs.350 crores Rs.1600 crores
Lending Details
SHG programs in the form of savings and credit have succeeded in changing the lives of poor women, enhancing incomes and generating positive externalities, such as increased self-esteem. So in 2009-2010 IVDP also helped 1,25,000 members to avail various loan, such as sangha, Bank and IVDP, to the tune of Rs.350 crore and its breakups are shown here as Bar diagram:
Total Cumulative Credit details
IVDP self-help groups have been instrumental in empowerment by enabling women to work together in collective agency. The IVDP SHGs combined with savings and credit, have enabled women to benefit economically by monetizing their contribution and in the process have empowered them to become agents of change.
The IVDP’s SHG program since 1989 to till 2010, have enabled members to get Rs.1600/- crores in various loans, to raise their standard of living.
Activity Based, Bank and Sangha Loans in 2009-2010
SHG intermediated by micro credit have been shown to have positive effects on women, and they have played valuable roles in reducing the vulnerability of the poor, through asset creation, income and consumption smoothing, provision of emergency assistance, and empowering women by giving them control over assets and increased self esteem and knowledge. In 2009 -2010 Rs.350 crores was given as Bank and Sangha loan and its details are given hereunder:
Sangha loan in 2009/10
Micro credit has lessened the severity of poverty and helped to increase the income of the household. Earnings generated from such undertakings have been instrumental in increasing the physical well-being of the household, often through better nutrition and sanitation. In 2009-10, Rs.171 crore had been availed by members for fulfilling various needs and they are given hereunder in the form of table.
Bank loan in 2009/10
In 2009-2010 Rs.176 crore was given to members through nationalized banks and its breakups given here as follows:
Lending Interest Rate by Bankers
The partner Bankers of IVDP charge a nominal interest rate, for the loans that they give it to SHG members, and IVDP/CLFs does not charge extra interest along with the Bank’s rate of interest.
Sl.No Bankers Bankers Interest % Lending interest by SHG to members %
1 Indian Bank
(12% interest for less than Rs. 2 lakhs and 13% interest for more than 2 lakhs)
12.5% 12.5%
2 Pallavan Grama Bank 12.5% 12.5%
3 Bank of India 10% 10%
4 State Bank of India 10% 10%
Bulk Loan Details in 2009-2010
The needs of SHG members are numerous and they need constant and uninterrupted loan facilities to transform their lives, and in the last decade Rs.23.5 crore was given as Bulk loan to members and out of that Rs.17 crore was distributed for construction of Toilets.
The Yearwise Bulk lending details are
Year Banks The Yearwise Bulk lending details are Activities Amount Bank Lending Interest rate IVDP lending interest rate
2000-01 PGB-Krishnagiri 272 Housing Rs.0.5 crores 11% 12.5%
2001-02 BOI-Alapatty 513 Housing Rs. 1 crores 10.5% 12%
2003-04 BOI-Alapatty 800 Housing Rs. 2 crores 9% 10.5%
2004-05 BOI-Alapatty 1000 Toilet Rs. 1 crores 9% 10.5%
2005-06 SBI-Kaveripattinam 3392 Home appliances Rs. 2 crores 8.5% 10%
2006-07 SBI-Krishnagiri 7500 Home appliances Rs. 2 crores 11.5% 13%
2007-08 BOI-Krishnagiri 5077 Toilet Rs. 5 crores 11.25% 12.75%
2008-09 BOI-krishnagiri 10000 Toilet Rs.10 crore 11.25% 12.75%
  Total 28554   23.5 crore    
SHGs Reserve funds
Each IVDP SHGs is required to create a reserve fund, according to its age, and this fund is created to meet any eventualities, that take place in the group.
  • 3-5 Year old group is to set aside Rs.25,000/-.
  • 5-7 year old group is to create Rs.50,000/-
  • 8 year above groups to reserve Rs.1 lakhs.
I so, far i.e till Mar’2010 Rs.16.5 crore has been reserved by IVDP-SHGs and its details are depicted here under as table:
Bank IN 2009-10 In rupees As On Mar’10 Cumulative in crores
Pallavan grama Bank 89 lakhs 6.6 crores
Indian Bank 82 lakhs 1.5 crores
Bank of India 15 lakhs 2.2 crores
State Bank of India 90 lakhs 6.2 crores
Total Rs.2.76 crores Rs.16.5 crores
Bank linkage in 2009-10 and over all Bank linkage till Mar’2010
During the ‘Annual IVDP-Bankers meet’, both the parties fix a target loan, to be given to SHGs members and in 2009-2010 Rs.176 crore was given to SHGs and overall till Mar’2010, Rs.760 crore was made available to the SHG members and its details are given hereunder
Bank As On Mar’09 Cumulative in crores IN 2009-10 in crores As On Mar’10 Cumulative in crores
Pallavan grama Bank 168.51 crores 66 crores 234.51 crores
Indian Bank 171.65 crores 17 crores 188.65 crores
Bank of India 151.78 crores 25 crores 176.78 crores
State Bank of India 87.01 crores 68 crores 155.01 crores
IFAD loan 5 crore   5 crore
Total 584 crores 176 crores 760 crores
Life security Solidarity fund
IVDP’s experience with SHG shows that micro-credit plays a greater role in poverty and vulnerability reduction, when it is complemented by non-financial service. So, IVDP has created a ‘Microcredit plus’ scheme known as ‘Life Security and Solidarity fund’ to its members. Under the scheme a new member has to pay Rs.100/- as an annual premium to the federation, and in the subsequent years, the annual premium will be lesser than Rs.100/-
In case of death of a member, the nominee of deceased is paid Rs.30,000/- and in the case of members who have become permanent disabled due to accident, is paid Rs.15,000/-.
In 2009-10, as many as 275 SHG members died and 14 members become disabled. So, in order to award their benefits, a ‘Life security solidarity fund distribution’ function was organized on 14.03.2010 at R. C. Fathima Boys High school, in the presence of Mrs. Kosalai Mary Francis, Mrs. Farita Nawab,the chairman, Municipality, Krishnagiri, Mr. Baskaran, Chief Education officer and partner Bankers. In this function Rs.85 lakhs was distributed to 291 members.
A Synopsis of Life Security Fund Distribution
Life Security fund Distribution in 2009/2010 Overall life Security fund distribution till Mar’2010
Members Amount Members Amount
291 85 lakhs 1378 3.03 lakhs
Grading of SHGs through Auditing in 2009/2010
The IVDP SHGs are known for financial credibility and integrity.
Strict Machinery is pressed in to service to have ‘Eagle watch’ over the SHGs financial transaction. Besides, periodical Auditing and Annual auditing take place to regulate financial discipline among the SHGs. In 2009/10 as many as 6544 SHGs were audited, and its gradings are given hereunder.
A+ - Denotes group activities and social activities are extremely good
A - Refers group activities are good as per with our SHG norms
A* - Over Due Rectified
B - Still the Groups Have Over Due
D - Chronic Default
Total No.of SHGs audited in 2009 & 2010 A+ A D
6544 ={SUM(ABVOE)} 3377 ={SUM(ABVOE)}
Training for Empowerment
The SHG is the most effective mechanism to reach the poor, hence, the members are given various training to be thorough on SHG concept, values, ethics, accounts, group management etc., and all these knowledge inputs, take them towards empowerment, to play leading role in the family and community.
It is quite northworthy to mention here that IVDP runs a separate Training Department, to train its, 1,25,000 members, with the help of well informed and experienced trainers.
S.No Name of the Training No.of Participants
1 SHG A & R Training (Animators & representatives) 1284
2 SHG New Group Training (members) 9397
3 HIV Training(Animators) 3600
4 Accounts Training(Animators) 626
5 Undertaking Training (members) 11475
6 Group enhancement and management Training with special reference to sanitation Training 75763
  TOTAL 1,02,145
IVDP’s Educational services
The present children are the future generation and especially the poor children are to be helped to pursue good education. Hence, IVDP provides scholarship to poor students studying in schools and colleges and gives free guide to X and XII standards, in Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Vellore Districts. Till 2009-2010, Rs.1.33 crore was given to students/Schools/ Colleges as educational aid
Aid to Hut fire Accident
Even in some villages our members live in thatched huts and sometimes it gets burnt down, due to fire. So in this circumstances IVDP rushes to this place to extend its helping hand to give Rs.10,000/- as a relief. In 2009/2010, 41 members were given Rs.4.1 lakhs out of that 8 lakhs as solace under this scheme. Efforts are on to change thatched roof to tiled roofs
S.No Year Amount Given
1 2006-07 1.4 lakhs
2 2007-08 90 thousand
3 2008-09 1.6 lakhs
4 2009-10 4.1 lakhs
  TOTAL 8 lakhs
Aid to Heart surgery
We pray that our members and their family members are to be free from health hazards. But here and there few children of our members, suffer from Heart problem, needing urgent surgery. In the juncture, IVDP provides Rs.25,000/- for this crucial treatment. In 2009/10, five children were helped with Rs.1.25 lakhs. Till date Rs. 4 lakhs were given as a solace and its cumulative details are as follows.
S.No Year Amount Given
1 2006-07 50 thousand
2 2007-08 1.25 lakhs
3 2008-09 1 lakhs
4 2009-10 1.25 lakhs
  TOTAL 4 lakhs
Education for Tribals
IVDP runs ‘Nethaji Nursery and Primary School’ at Kottaiyur, which is situated in the middle of Forest, in where the school going age children are brought to school by Van. The school provides education to 180 children from Pre-KG to V std, through the medium of Tamil. Though, English language is also equally given importance, and the students are helped to speak and write English. Besides, the students are taught physical education, Yoga, and meditation.
Health is Wealth
The health of a nation is best judged by the health status of its people. The Social, health, and nutritional status of women reflect the real index of development of any nation or society.
Since, IVDP works among poor women; it too focuses on their health status. So it has advocated, ‘Three Health Approaches’ to promote the Health status of SHG members and they are, the promotion of safe drinking water, Toilet and Sanitary Napkins.
Toilet for all
Our aim is to help every SHG family to have aToilet for their use. So we give ‘Toilet Loan of Rs.10,000/- each. So far 17,000 Toilets were constructed by our members. The children and women suffering from warm infestation and Anemia were reduced considerably.
Safe Drinking water
It is obvious to mention here that 60% of the disease that children and women encounter are due to consumption of ‘Contaminated Water’. The well water, pipe water and Bore well water are impure in nature, hence the SHG members have been advised to use Pureit device to get pure water. So far 58,000 Pureit devices are used by our members’ family and the pureit devices are given at 12% discount by HUL.
Sanitary Napkins
Still, in rural areas the members are reluctant to use Sanitary Napkins, due to shyness. Because of that the women suffer from Uterus Cancer, RTI and UTI, so IVDP has intervened on this matter and helps the members to get ‘Bella Napkins’ at 25% Discount. Till Now, 30,500 Napkin Boxes were used by our members with a cost of Rs.2.1 crore. It is important to mention here that the members suffering from uterus cancer and urinary tract infections reduced remarkably.
Micro Enterprises of SHG members
The essence of micro – enterprises is to provide employment and income generation opportunity to poor people through small enterprises. IVDP provides poor people with access to capital and training to start and expand their small business. This practice has moved very effective in helping the poor to come out of poverty. It also gives them a sense of self respect. So, this micro enterprise has improved the Life standard of our SHG families and the total income of the family rose considerably. At every stage we stress and urge the members to pursue self employments and some of the income generation activity members do, are: Brick making, toffee making, Rekxin Bag making, snacks preparation, candle and toys making etc..
We are pleased to announce that in 2009-2010, 1453 members got Rs.26 crore as dividend, for the savings that they had in their respective groups. Since the amount reached their hand in time, the members celebrated the New year and Pongal festival in a grand and colorful manner. As on Dec’09 5458 SHGs shared a total Dividend of Rs. 72 crores.

IVDP has been sincerely working among the poor to bring cheers in their families, through Economic, Health and Education activities. Considering IVDP’s, commendable, selfless, dedicated services, authorities from various concerns have bestowed citation, awards and trophies and the significant awards are from NABARD. Some of the Awards received are given hereunder:

National Award:

2004 Bank of India Excellence award at National Level
State Award :

2005 SBI, star performance award

District Awards:

(Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri Districts level)
• 2003-04 SGSY revolving fund DRDA.
• 2004-2005 Indian Bank to IVDP for best performance on SHG Bank Linkage.

1 2001-02 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
2 2002-03 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
3 2003-04 SHG Bank linkages I PRIZE
4 2004-05 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
5 2005-06 SHG Bank linkages I PRIZE
6 2006-07 SHG Bank linkages I PRIZE
7 2007-08 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
2005-2006 Adhiyaman Gramma Bank to IVDP for SHG Performance

  2001-02 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
  2002-03 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
  2003-04 SHG Bank linkages I PRIZE
  2004-05 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
  2005-06 SHG Bank linkages I PRIZE
  2006-07 SHG Bank linkages I PRIZE
  2007-08 SHG Bank linkages II PRIZE
Calendars are the real Ambassadors, to carry messages to the Targetted/vulnerable people. So, every year IVDP prints calendar with some social theme and the year 2010 message is ‘Education for All’.


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