Our Founder



Mr.Kulandei Francis is the Founder - President of IVDP.

Mr. Kulandei Francis was born in 1946 to the parents of Kulandei and Mathalai Mary  in a village called Karipatti , salem Dt. Tamilnadu, India.


There was little wealth in his family, so funding even the most basic education for Francis was a struggle. His parents, however, understood the importance of education, so sacrificed the small piece of land (considered to be the family’s only property) in order for Francis to attend and graduate from Annamalai University. As Mr.Francis, personally  experienced early age poverty,  he started IVDP to help the poor and needy.

This immense sacrifice of parents inspired Francis to dedicate his life towards helping the poor. Following his ambition to become a priest, he joined the Fathers of Holy Cross in 1970 and was sent to study Theology in Pune, Maharashtra. As part of the degree he was involved in relief work with Caritas India, offering aid during the Bangladeshi war. He also participated in relief work with those affected by the drought in Pune in 1972.


Francis continued to educate himself in order to advance the charity, and completed a Social Development Course at Coady International Institute, Canada, and a Rural Management Course in the Philippines.


Francis is married to Kosalai Mary, and has a daughter named F. Sunitha Nanthini Esthar. Both his wife and daughter play prominent roles in running the IVDP.


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