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IVDP helping hands for Education Indian Bank honoured IVDP IVDP helping hands for Game Awareness Program Bank Loan for magalir suya uthavi kuzhu 2017 KOSELAY AWARD Two Wheelers Loan for magalir suya uthavi kuzhu members Bank Loan for magalir suya uthavi kuzhu Members Annual Report 2017 IVDP PRESIDENT ATTEND THE SILVER JUBILEE FUNCTION AT GOVT.ARTS & SCIENCE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, KRISHNAGIRI IVDP DONATED RS.3.17 LAKHS WORTH OF SOLAR HEATER TO CHILDRENS HOME & OLD AGE HOME LIFE SECURITY SOLIDARITY FUND RS.2.87 CRORE DISTRIBUTED TO THE NOMINEES OF THE DECEASED SHG MEMBERS IVDP DONATED RS.1.71 LAKHS AS CASH AWARD TO GOVT.ARTS & SCIENCE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, KRISHNAGIRI IVDP DONATED RS.18 LAKHS WORTH OF COMPUTER LAB TO SCHOOLS & COLLEGES ORPHAN AND SEMI ORPHAN SCHOLARSHIP IN DINAKARAN NEWS PAPER IVDP DONATED TRACK SUIT WORTH OF RS.72 THOUSAND TO ST.ANN'S SCHOOL, KRISHNAGIRI IVDP KOSELAY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR SACRED HEART COLLEGE STUDENTS AT TIRUPATTUR, WORTH OF 5.45 LAKHS DISTRICT CHILD PROTECTION UNIT in association with IVDP organized 2 Days training program for School teachers at IVDP Conference Hall, Krishnagiri. IVDP DONATED DESK AND BENCH TO KOVILUR ST' THOMAS HOME FOR BOYS IVDP President released Rs.60 lakhs worth of “Vetri Namm Kaiyil guide books to 10th and 12th students of Krishnagiri district IVDP president released “Vettri Nam Kaiyil” guide book to 10th and 12th students in Krishnagiri IVDP president gave scholarship to first graduate children of the family at Natrampalayam and Sesurajapuram area, worth of 13 lakhs. IVDP President distributed Rs.13 lakhs of Scholarship to 170 First Generation Degree students of the families in and around Natrampalayam and Sesurajapuram villages in Krishnagiri District. IVDP sponsored 1 laksh to Athumugam drop out school students. Christianity Today a global media ministry published article about our founder President IVDP donated 10 lakshs to the Bargur government women’s college, our president handover the cheque to district collector IVDP president released “Vettri Nam Kaiyil” book to the 10th and 12std student, gave good speech as well announced that state rank holders will be awarded  » Our Founder Participated In 6th Get Together Of Retired Revenue Department Association, And Honored By The Association President Mr.Paulraj. and the district collector also attended the function IVDP Honored its Self-Help Group Members children Who Have Scored 90 Per Cent and above in SSLC and plus Two Examination Held In March 2015 With ‘IVDP Koselay Award 2015’  » IVDP founder presented gold coins to “Gonzaga Matriculation school” students for their achievements in public examination  » IVDP conducted discussion meeting with CO and educational department of Krishnagiri to prepare question bank for “Vettri Nam Kaiyil”  » IVDP President gifted gold coins to Namadu Madha School for better achievements in public examination.  » IVDP president congratulated and given Gold coin to Don Bosco School students, Krishnagiri, for their excellent achievements in Government examination  » IVDP founder presented as a chief guest in Gonzaga Matriculation School on 21.02.2015 IVDP Koselay Memorial Scholarship of Rs.5.45 lakhs distributed to 100 students of Sacred Heart college, Tiruppattur, Vellore district.  » Dividend Rs.67 crores and extra savings of Rs.30 crores has been shared among 3200 groups by the IVDP.  » Celebrated suppose Christmas with 200 poor children of Mariyalaya girls hostel in Dharmapuri, associated by Auxiliam society. Our founder gifted Rs.1.75 lakhs towards providing RO water plant, school bags.  » Sanitation day function has been celebrated by the IVDP, and gifted Animators, based on their group performance.  » IVDP founder and president Mr.Kulandhai Francis participated in Pallavan Grama Bank replacement function at Arasampatti. IVDP presented RO water plant to government higher secondary school in Nattrampalli at the rate of 2.75 lakhs. Our founder president Donates RO Water Plant Worth Of Rs 3 Lakhs For Mary Immaculate Higher Secondary School at Tirupattur In Vellore District. BARODA SUN - LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD -2014 IVDP Koselay Award 2014’ given to toppers IVDP’s Success In Women Hygiene IVDP’s safe drinking water awareness initiative, Miss India World 2013, Navneet Kaur Dhillon supported the initiative by spreading awareness...  » IVDP introduces the solar light, D-LIGHT to eradicate the dark  » IVDP bring in the Envirofit cook stove to reduce the smoke  » Kulandai Francis lighting the lamp to the poor students & families with “Vetri Un Kayil” study guide for 10th & 12th and “Solar & Study” D-Light Lamps.  » D – Light Shared a Token of Love to IVDP  » Roman Magsaysay Awardee Mr.Kulandei Francis was honored by Probus Club of Chennai  » A Branch of Palavan Grama Bank was opened at Vaniyambadi by Kulandai Francis , Ramon Magsaysay Awardee and Founder of IVDP  » Thane relief fund  » Staff children’s scholarship EDUCATIONAL AID TO IVDP MEMBERS’ CHILDREN  » Samaritan, Mr.Kulandei Francis honoured with Ramon Magsaysay Award year 2012  » 'Sanitation festive' among Tribal school childern:

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Watershed Program

Watershed Program (1979 – 2002)
The issues in Natramapalayam and surrounding hilly areas were partially attributed to the limited and unpredictable rainfall. In order to find enough water to cultivate the land and provide for themselves and their livestock, the inhabitants of the region were required to migrate regularly. The frequent migration put severe strain on the old and young, and the inconsistency of the crop harvests led to malnutrition and starvation.

In 1979 IVDP initiated a watershed program along an area of hills in the Denkanikottai and Thally Blocks. This involved the planning and construction of 92 major and 239 minor check dams, built across streams or gullies in the hilly region. From 1979 - 1985 Oxfoam funded for check dams and from 1986 - 2002 NCOs, Belgium gave funds for constructing check dams.

The check dams are designed to retain monsoon rains, leading to increased groundwater levels, and storing water for the irrigation, livestock, and domestic requirements of the villagers.
The check dams constructed resulted in groundwater levels rising by 40 feet leading to successful harvests throughout the year. It has also created water stores allowing the inhabitants to isettle in their native villages. The benefits are being appreciated by 40,000 people across 60 villages in the Denkanikottai and Thally Blocks.

Child Friendly Village Planning Project

Child Friendly Village Planning Project (CFVP) – working with UNICEF Chennai (2005 – 2007)
With the support of UNICEF Chennai, IVDP initiated the Child Friendly Village Planning Project in five blocks ( 139 panchayats)  of Krishnagiri District, to improve health, water, sanitation, and education among women and children.
CFVP schemes
  1. HIV testing for pregnant women
  2. Child labour schools
  3. Sanitary napkins
  4. Sanitation classes
HIV testing for pregnant women
In order to minimize HIV transmission from mothers to their children, 150 pregnant women were tested across five blocks in April 2007.
Child Labor Schools
The CFVP team identified 32 child laborers in the village of Ariyanapalli and 20 in the village of Madhinayapalli. This led to the opening of child labor schools in the respective villages later on
Sanitary Napkins
Study revealed that uterus cancer and urinary tract infections were common among the CFVP operational areas.
Sanitation classes
The school students were made aware of personal hygiene, food safety, toilet usage and hygiene, village sanitation, safe drinking water.
Highlights of CFVP Programme
CFVP Exercise completed in 879 Villages
Total number of VLMCs formed 879.
Total Panchayats covered 139.
Total strength of CFVP team 145 Facilitators.
No.of Antenatal mother brought under ANC awareness camp 3731.
No.of Mother given awareness on PNC 18309.
No.of ANMs Tested on HIV 703.
No.of dropouts admitted in school 1349.
No.of garbage Pit/Leach pits dug 371.
No.of 1746 Kgs ‘Sathu Mavu’ given to Pregnant women/ Malnourished children
No.of children given Polio drops 17132.
No.of children given Vitamin ‘A’ Drops 19311.
No.of school children given awareness on Personal Hygiene 100608.
No.of SHG women had awareness on 18 indicators 35853.
No.of Adolescent girls received IFA Tablets 153748.
No.of Children helped to get Birth Certificate 792.
No.of Children admitted in Anganwadi center 154.
No.of families use safe drinking water 90%.
No.of families use iodised salt around 97%.
No.of families helped to construct Toilets 1134.
No.of places in where CFVP Slogan written 1309.


Health & hygiene (2006 onwards)


We believe that health and hygiene are the pillars of good living. Hence SHG members are encouraged to have Toilet, safe drinking water and sanitary napkins.
Toilet for all: with the help of Nationalized Banks and IVDP fund, 48,055  Toilets were promoted among its SHG members, worth of Rs.48 Crore.
  Toilet Loan
Safe drinking water: IVDP promotes ‘pureit’ among its SHG members to provide safe drinking water. So far, 1,06,735 pureit water filters & Marvello RO worth of Rs.34 crore were given to IVDP SHG families and each pureit is given at 12% discount. 
Sanitary NapkinsTo prevent uterus cancer, RTI and UTI, IVDP promotes sanitary Napkins among the SHG members in collaboration with Bella and the napkins are given at 25% discount. So far Rs.15.4crore worth of sanitary napkins(2,00,794 boxes) were purchased by members.

D.lights:  95% of SHG members use D-lights (4,74,099) d-Lights and worth of 25 crore)


Envirofit Wood Stove : Each cook stove of envirofit saves 1 ton of carbon emission per year(with a 3 hour running in a day), so far IVDP having distributed 29,283 stoves to its members, have saved 29,283 tons of carbon emission, thereby helped in a clean environment.



Self Help Groups


Women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) (1989 onwards)
Women’s Self Help Groups consist of 12 – 20 women from rural villages. Their aim is to work together to create a savings account, secure safe reliable loans, start income Generative activities, earn enough money and lead happy and contented life.





NO.OF SHGS 10026 1066 11092
NO.OF MEMBERS 186486 15990 202476
TOTAL SAVINGS Rs.394 crores Rs.76 crores Rs.470 crores
TOTAL DIVIDEND Rs.330 crores Rs.64 crores Rs.394 crores




DETAILS AS ON MAR'16 2016-2017 AS ON MAR'17
BANK LOAN Rs.2178 crores Rs.340 crores Rs.2518 crores
SANGHA LOAN Rs.2213 crores Rs.250 crores Rs.2463 crores
IVDP LOAN Rs.94 crores Rs.17.5 crores Rs.111.5 crores
SANITATION LOAN Rs.127 crores Rs.9 crores Rs.136 crores
Total Rs.4612 crores Rs.616.5 crores Rs.5228.5 crores

Since from the launching (1989) of SHG activities to till March 2017, the IVDP has helped above 2,02,476 SHG members to avail Rs.5,228.5 crores from all kinds of loans.  In the beginning IFAD gave funds for SHG development and later on direct links were given to SHGs by Nationalized Banks.

Besides this regular activity, IVDP promoted solar lamps keeping in mind the frequent power cuts. Till March 2017, we promoted 5,41,665 lamps and reduced the usage of kerosene lamps. Our concern for educational services continue to be a priority and spent nearly Rs.21 crore as on March 2017  for various academic advancement of students.
Life Security Fund

This is a unique scheme, showing the entire 2 lakh members solidarity towards the death of their beloved members.Each new member has to Contribute Rs. 100/- as an entry amount.In the subsequent years the Premium Amount will be between Rs.100/- to Rs. 180/- depending upon the death ratio in the particular year concerned.

According to it, If a member dies due to natural cause her kins are given Rs. 40,000/- and the members who have become permanently disabled are given Rs.20,000/-.

From 2012 onwards the Compensation for death will be from Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000, and for disability Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000/-.

Rs.2.87 crores have been distributed to 570 nominees of the deceased (Rs.50,000/- each) this year (2016-2017)

Rs.5,000/- is given immediately for the funeral expenses to the affected family from the groups general fund, culatively Rs.1 crore and 40 lakh has been distributed under this scheme.

Culatively, right from the beginning of the scheme Rs.19 crore 74 lakhs has been distributed to 4615 nominees of the deceased.


Dividend is an income earned from Sangha Loan interest and Special loan interest,  and the accumulated such amount is shared among the members in accordance with individual’s savings. 

This year (2016-2017)  3797 groups shared Rs.64 crores as dividend and Rs.38 crores of excess savings among the members.

Cumulatively right from the beginining IVDP - SHGs shared Rs.394 crore as dividend among the members.

Income Generative programs
The SHGs are the main formula for poverty alleviation. Hence, Loans are made available to members for starting income generative activities and we strongly feel that the women empowerment would take place only when the members start earning for their livelihood. Some of the Income generative activities people pursue are toffee making, pickles making, preparation of eatables, tamarind processing, rekxine making, rope making, mat weaving etc.,






Scholarships, cash awards and text book guides are extended to the poor children hailing in our operational areas.

IVDP Computer Academy, Hanumanthapuram Village, Dharmapuri District, 636 802

This center was started in 2008 and the rural students are empowered with IT skills to pursue high salaried jobs.

The institution is an Authorized Training Center of BICS InfoTech, Yellagiri Hills, Vellore Dt, Tamil Nadu.
Programmes Offered:
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) comprising of spoken english, Computer Basics, MS-Office, DTP, Hardware and Networking, Fundamentals of Tally, Web Publishing, E-mail operations and Multimedia.
Netaji Nursery and Primary School (School for Tribal Children), Kottaiyur.
The Well built Nursery & Primary school in kottaiyur, caters to educational need of 250 Tribal children who are deprived of right type of education. The students are given quality education with Fun & Activity Based Learning. Though Tamil is medium of Instruction, the Communicative English is given utmost importance.