Self Help Groups


Women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) (1989 onwards)
Women’s Self Help Groups consist of 12 – 20 women from rural villages. Their aim is to work together to create a savings account, secure safe reliable loans, start income Generative activities, earn enough money and lead happy and contented life.





IVDP SHG DETAILS AS ON MAR'17 2017-2018 AS ON Jan'2018
NO.OF SHGS 11092 775 11867
NO.OF MEMBERS 202476 17064 219540
TOTAL SAVINGS Rs.470 crores Rs.71 crores Rs.541 crores
TOTAL DIVIDEND Rs.394 crores Rs.56 crores Rs.450 crores




DETAILS AS ON MAR'17 2017-2018 AS ON JAN'18
BANK LOAN Rs.2518 crores Rs.309 crores Rs.2827 crores
SANGHA LOAN Rs.2463 crores Rs.217 crores Rs.2680 crores
IVDP LOAN Rs.111.5 crores Rs.16.5 crores Rs.128 crores
SANITATION LOAN Rs.136 crores Rs.11.7 crores Rs.147.7 crores
Total Rs.5228.5 crores Rs.554.2 crores Rs.5782.7 crores

Since from the launching (1989) of SHG activities to till JAN'2018, the IVDP has helped above 2,19,540 SHG members to avail Rs.5,782.7 crores from all kinds of loans.  In the beginning IFAD gave funds for SHG development and later on direct links were given to SHGs by Nationalized Banks.

Besides this regular activity, IVDP promoted solar lamps keeping in mind the frequent power cuts. Till Jan'18, we promoted 5,62,000 lamps and reduced the usage of kerosene lamps. Our concern for educational services continue to be a priority and spent nearly Rs.22.5 crore as on Jan'2018  for various academic advancement of students.
Life Security Fund

This is a unique scheme, showing the entire 2 lakh members solidarity towards the death of their beloved members.Each new member has to Contribute Rs. 100/- as an entry amount.In the subsequent years the Premium Amount will be between Rs.100/- to Rs. 180/- depending upon the death ratio in the particular year concerned.

According to it, If a member dies due to natural cause her kins are given Rs. 40,000/- and the members who have become permanently disabled are given Rs.20,000/-.

From 2012 onwards the Compensation for death will be from Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000, and for disability Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000/-.

Rs.3.24 crores have been distributed to 645 nominees of the deceased (Rs.50,000/- each) this year (2017-2018)

Rs.5,000/- is given immediately for the funeral expenses to the affected family from the groups general fund, culatively Rs.1 crore and 72 lakh has been distributed under this scheme.

Cumulatively, right from the beginning of the scheme Rs.23 crore 34 lakhs has been distributed to 5260 nominees of the deceased.


Dividend is an income earned from Sangha Loan interest and Special loan interest,  and the accumulated such amount is shared among the members in accordance with individual’s savings. 

This year (2016-2017)  3544 groups shared Rs.56 crores as dividend and Rs.39 crores of excess savings among the members.

Cumulatively right from the beginining IVDP - SHGs shared Rs.450 crore as dividend among the members.

Income Generative programs
The SHGs are the main formula for poverty alleviation. Hence, Loans are made available to members for starting income generative activities and we strongly feel that the women empowerment would take place only when the members start earning for their livelihood. Some of the Income generative activities people pursue are toffee making, pickles making, preparation of eatables, tamarind processing, rekxine making, rope making, mat weaving etc.,


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