Child Friendly Village Planning Project

Child Friendly Village Planning Project (CFVP) – working with UNICEF Chennai (2005 – 2007)
With the support of UNICEF Chennai, IVDP initiated the Child Friendly Village Planning Project in five blocks ( 139 panchayats)  of Krishnagiri District, to improve health, water, sanitation, and education among women and children.
CFVP schemes
  1. HIV testing for pregnant women
  2. Child labour schools
  3. Sanitary napkins
  4. Sanitation classes
HIV testing for pregnant women
In order to minimize HIV transmission from mothers to their children, 150 pregnant women were tested across five blocks in April 2007.
Child Labor Schools
The CFVP team identified 32 child laborers in the village of Ariyanapalli and 20 in the village of Madhinayapalli. This led to the opening of child labor schools in the respective villages later on
Sanitary Napkins
Study revealed that uterus cancer and urinary tract infections were common among the CFVP operational areas.
Sanitation classes
The school students were made aware of personal hygiene, food safety, toilet usage and hygiene, village sanitation, safe drinking water.
Highlights of CFVP Programme
CFVP Exercise completed in 879 Villages
Total number of VLMCs formed 879.
Total Panchayats covered 139.
Total strength of CFVP team 145 Facilitators.
No.of Antenatal mother brought under ANC awareness camp 3731.
No.of Mother given awareness on PNC 18309.
No.of ANMs Tested on HIV 703.
No.of dropouts admitted in school 1349.
No.of garbage Pit/Leach pits dug 371.
No.of 1746 Kgs ‘Sathu Mavu’ given to Pregnant women/ Malnourished children
No.of children given Polio drops 17132.
No.of children given Vitamin ‘A’ Drops 19311.
No.of school children given awareness on Personal Hygiene 100608.
No.of SHG women had awareness on 18 indicators 35853.
No.of Adolescent girls received IFA Tablets 153748.
No.of Children helped to get Birth Certificate 792.
No.of Children admitted in Anganwadi center 154.
No.of families use safe drinking water 90%.
No.of families use iodised salt around 97%.
No.of families helped to construct Toilets 1134.
No.of places in where CFVP Slogan written 1309.


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