IVDP SHG Welfare

Particulars As on Mar’2019 2019-2020 TOTAL
LIFE SECURITY FUND Rs. 25.28 Crores Rs. 25.28 Crores
SHG member Funeral expenses Rs. 2.07 Crores Rs. 2.07 Crores
Heart Surgery for SHG members Rs. 5 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs
SHG member’s family medical expenses Rs. 50 Thous Rs. 50 Thous
Support to Victim of Fire Accidents Rs. 34.1 Lakhs Rs.50 thousand Rs. 34.6 Lakhs
Sanitation Day Gift & Uniform to Animators Rs. 35 Lakhs Rs. 2.5 Lakhs Rs. 37.5 Lakhs
Ultra poor house – 3 Nos Rs. 2.8 Lakhs Rs. 2.8 Lakhs
Mother’s Day Rs. 4 Lakhs Rs. 4 Lakhs Rs. 8 Lakhs
Educational Scholarships to School Students of IVDP SHG members children top scorer in 10th & 12th Std Rs. 3.46 Crores Rs. 23 Lakhs Rs. 3.69 Crores
IVDP SHG Widow members children scholarship (college student only) Rs. 1.73 Crores Rs. 1.73 Crores
Solar lamp SHG members children who face 10th & 12th Std public examination Rs. 40 Lakhs Rs. 40 Lakhs
TOTAL Rs. 33.75 Crores Rs. 30 Lakhs Rs. 34.05 Crores